Creative and Cute Ways to Decorate Doc Band Wraps

January 05, 2021 4 min read

Hearts decorated for a Dock Band Helmet

Moms make the best out of everything. They can see the cute and adorable in just about any scenario.

DOC Bands aren't meant to topple the world fashion stage. They're designed to aid in the reshaping of a baby's oblique noggin. But that doesn't mean mom won't be able to make it the darn cutest neurological appliance known to man.

Don't sweat when your lil munchkin's DOC Band clashes with his or her adorable outfits. We're about to make it work, girl. Check out these DOC Band wraps and other cute ideas.

DOC Band Wraps: Stick to the Stickers

A quick, disposable way to make your kid's helmet a little cuter and a little less medical-y is to blanket it with stickers.

One of the pros of stickers is that they don't damage the helmet. Medical equipment is pricey, even at resale. You can resell or recycle an unmarred DOC Band. 

Stickers are innately cheap, and they're in just about every store. We suggest getting a whole booklet worth of various stickers. 

It's fun to decorate seasonally. Try to match the stickers with whatever time of year it is. Halloween and Christmas decor is especially adorable.

For those fashionistas, get stickers that will complement your newborn's clothes. Something like a pamphlet of baseball clothes for his tiny jersey outfit. Or royal stickers for her princess onesie. 

There are stickers for those with a punchy sense of humor. The melon baby wrap always gives the other moms a delightful chuckle. Making light of a situation is the characteristic of a great momma; don't let anything get you down. 

This is a full-wrap sticker that shouldn't be removed as frequently as disposable stickers. Sometimes, that's just what you want: low maintenance but high cuteness. We recommend checking out wrap stickers for their unique, clever designs.

Painting With the Baby

Part of the fun in decorating is doing it with somebody. Who better to decorate with than your baby?

Have them pick out the color palette. They've got an eye for what they like, but be sure to give them an impartial decision - they'll usually pick what they see last. Picking the color yourself would take away from the fun; letting them choose, even by random, has a uniqueness to it.

Unless they're Michelangelo-incarnate, they won't be able to wield a mighty paintbrush just yet. With your supervision, have them handprint their cranial helmet. It gives it a nice flair. 

Have some fun yourself: paint whatever comes to you. Be it a pretty beach landscape or an impromptu portrait of the family. Making it a reflection of who you are or what you love.

Plus, if it's not the next Mona Lisa, the helmets typically come off in 6 to 16 weeks. Who cares if the beach looks a little like a cake and the family portrait isn't even close to anatomically correct?

Like the stickers, we suggest going with a seasonal theme. For the fall, paint the helmet to look like a pumpkin. A snowglobe for the wintertime is festive - it might be a little hard to paint, but give it your best shot.

Sports fans will have an easier time with this. Color the helmet to resemble a baseball, a basketball, a bowling ball, or any of the other sports balls. The hubby will love it, too. 

Whichever direction you take it, make it a fun time with your kid. It'll be a fun memory to have of them at this age. 

Arts and Crafts Time!

Now's the time to express your inner-child. As an adult, this time is all too fleeting. So, make the best of it while you can! 

Grab the glue, the glitter, some markers, a magazine or two, and set up shop at the kitchen table. It's going to get real messy, real fast. 

The magazines are doubly useful. Now's a good time to catch up on that backlog of articles, and they're perfect for collages. Cut out some pretty stuff for your baby's helmet and glue it on. 

If it worked for middle-school science fair projects, then by golly, it'll work for your sweety's helmet. Try to avoid cutting out pictures of hunky guys and pinning them to your baby's head. It's a little tacky -- but we're not saying 'no' to cutting out those pictures. 

Or you could take it the glittery, sparkly route. This will be a colossal mess, at first, but its character will grow on you. But please, please avoid leaving glue residue near the baby's scalp.

You could also make the plagiocephaly helmet a whiteboard, of sorts. Those of you with whiteboard markers, draw a daily picture across the band. And those of you obsessed with work and mathematics, use your baby's helmet for extra mathematical equation space. 

Knitters and crocheters, take up your hooks and needles, make your baby a cap for his helmet. It's an excuse to practice your patterns and make your kid's helmet commemorable. 

Do anything you can or want to make this helmet something you love to see. It doesn't matter if it's a masterpiece of crafts or a dumpster-fire of laughs. Overcome plagiocephaly with art. 

Get It Into Shape

Make the best of any situation. It's a mommy motto. Plagiocephaly is a problem, but be a solution.

Decorating your baby's helmet in stickers is a cheap, disposable way of making the best of a situation. Theme it however you like. 

For those mommies that are crafty, try painting your baby's helmet or decorating it with crafts. Adding a coat of glimmer, shine, and fun to a plagiocephaly cap will go a long way. 

If you're interested in more DOC Band wraps for your baby, or if you have an interesting and customizable idea, feel free to reach out to us. We're open to suggestions, and we love feedback. 



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