How Helmet Decals Will Help Your Baby's Process With a DOC Band

December 21, 2020 4 min read

Father holding cute baby boy without a doc band

How Helmet Decals Will Help Your Baby's Process With a DOC Band.

You don't need to tell us: your baby is perfect just the way he or she is. And no big word like "plagiocephaly" is going to change that.

But what if your little one has this common condition, characterized by an irregular head shape? You may choose to use a corrective baby helmet, like a DOC band, to help restore his or her head shape to normal.

There's no need to feel intimidated by the fact that your child will be wearing a helmet on their precious little noggin. In fact, with baby helmet decals, it can look downright cute.

If you need a little encouragement (and a big dose of cuteness) to help you make it through your baby's DOC band process, keep reading. We will walk you through how a helmet decal can help you through this process and even give you something to smile about, as well as some adorable options to choose from.

How Long Will My Baby Have to Wear This Helmet?

How long your baby will wear their helmet depends on their unique situation. Your doctor will monitor your baby's head to see how quickly the treatment is progressing. 

Fortunately, you will start to see results in as little as two weeks. This will help you stay encouraged that you are doing the right thing.

And, thank goodness, it works. That means that after these few weeks of treatment, the shape of your baby's head will be picture perfect. 

How Can Baby Helmet Decals Help You?

For many parents, no matter how long their child has to wear a helmet, it feels like an eternity.

That's one more reason to find a little fun in the process and check out your sticker options. Here's how helmet decals can help you through this time.

1. Reminding You That You're a Great Parent

Let's be honest. This whole business is tough on parents. First, your darling bundle of joy has to face a medical condition. As if that weren't enough, now they have to wear a helmet for weeks or months.

Even if you know that it's not your fault — after all, up to 50% of babies experience flat head syndrome, and your child will thank you for it later — it's easy to feel wracked with guilt over everything that your child is going through. In fact, some parents say it was one of the toughest decisions of their parenting lives.

That's where baby helmet decals can help. 

When you put a pretty pattern and cute message on your child's baby helmet, it brings a smile to your face instead of raising negative emotions. You can even find adorable options like this one with a message like "This crown is fixin' my head for me!" That way, every time you look at your baby's helmet, you'll be reminded that you're helping your child live their healthiest life.

Your child deserves a great parent. And you deserve to be reminded that you are that great parent. Pick a helmet decal that will brighten your day and remind you to focus on the positive aspect of this whole experience.

2. Putting Others at Ease

One of the biggest fears that parents face when their child needs a baby helmet is what others will think.

When strangers see the baby's helmet and think that my baby has a terrible disease? What if they approach me with awkward condolences while I'm in public? Worst of all, what if they think that I allowed my child to get into an accident, and now she has to wear a head cast?

But when others see a cheerful sticker on the helmet, it makes it easy for them to recognize that nothing worrisome is going on. It shows that you, as the parent, are in control of the situation and taking it all in stride. 

You can even have a sense of humor about it — for instance, how adorable is this sassy sticker that reads "A Princess Adjusting Her Crown?" When others see that you are confident about your baby's health and well-being, they will be too.

3. More Baby Fashion Options to Play With

What's the only thing cuter than babies' little outfits? Nothing. Except for the babies themselves, that is.

So why can't baby helmets be adorable too?

Every baby deserves a head-to-toe look that's as precious as they are. And let's be honest: baby headbands are always cute. There's no need to let your child wear a helmet that looks medical and industrial when there is a whole world of style options open to you.

Do you have a hunch that your little one is a leopard print girl? Or that dinosaurs might just be your kid's next big thing? From subtle to loud, serious to silly, and sassy to sweet, there is a helmet decal to match your child's unique personality and make you smile as well.

The options are nearly endless. You can choose between a few stickers to place around the helmet or a DOC band wrap that covers the whole helmet surface. Plus, Doc Band Stickers offers custom decals, so you can personalize any of the options you see.

Don't forget, you may have to change headbands once or twice as your child's headband therapy treatment progresses, so you can pick a few different styles. 

If you feel overwhelmed by the process of starting helmet therapy for your child, take a moment, have a deep breath, and enjoy the fun part: choosing a cute look. 

Enjoy the Process

Parenting is not always a walk in the park.

As a parent, what you need most is encouragement and support as you're caring for your child. One way to give that to yourself is to play with your sticker options when your baby is wearing a helmet. 

Check out DOC Band Stickers for a wide range of baby helmet decals to keep you smiling, and even laughing, as you help your little one get through this time. 

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