My Melon needs fixing doc band wrap.
information on why there is a outline in all the doc band wrap images.
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, My Melon needs fixing doc band wrap.
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, information on why there is a outline in all the doc band wrap images.

My Melon Needs Fixing Doc Band Wrap

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My Melon Needs Fixing Cranial Helmet Wrap.

This, "My Melon Needs Fixing" cranial helmet wrap comes pre-laminated and in many colors. The kit consists of one piece of laminated wrap.

The image will show the wrap size in relationship to the helmet. The extra area is used in case the wrap is installed at a slight angle.

All our Cranial Helmet Stickers and Doc Band Wraps are made of high-quality vinyl. We laminate each one to protect your artwork. The lamination is a clear protective layer the covers the entire sticker or wrap. It protects the artwork against water, body oils, soaps, lotions, baby oil, and scratching.

Each sticker or wrap has an air release adhesive. What this does for you, is to make installation much easier. The micro-channels in the adhesive allow air to escape during and after application. Resulting in fewer air bubbles behind the decal. Do not worry this does not degrade the adhesive after a few hours or some good pressure the decal will be set firmly.

Preparation and Applying Decals.

Any dirt, dust, oil, grease will compromise the decal adhesive and shorten the life of the decal. Always clean the application area first.


We are not responsible for any damage.

1. Clean Area, remove all dirt and oil off of the surface. Use isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol). 75% or higher recommended. Allow the area to dry.

2. Peel away half of the backing material & apply the decal to a clean and dry surface.

3. Peel away the other half of the backing and push the decal onto the surface, starting from the center out.